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Which training environments will I receive with Response Simulator? 

  • City Center: 

    • High-rise buildings 

    • Office buildings 

    • Shop Fronts 

    • Pedestrian areas 

    • Road systems inc cycle lanes, crossings, tunnels and roundabouts 

    • Tram lines & stops (including enterable trams)

    • Canals 

    • Train Station (including enterable trains)

  • Residential Area 

    • Residential road system 

    • High-rise apartments (with full interior) 

    • Low-rise apartments (with full interior) 

    • Terraced housing (with full interior) 

    • Semi-detached housing (with full interior) 

    • Detached housing (with full interior) 

  • Other Areas 

    • Industrial park (warehouses) 

    • Highway including intersections 

    • Highway tunnel 

    • Railways lines 

    • Railway tunnel 

    • Railway level crossing (road crossing over the railway line) 

    • Municipal road 

    • Farm including enter-able farmhouse, barns and storage facilities 

    • Camping and caravan ground including enter-able caravans. 

    • Wooded areas 

    • River 

    • Ocean 

Which languages are available? 

RS currently supports English, Dutch & French. We will be expanding this in the future.

Can I store recordings of training sessions on my PC? 

Debriefing supports the full scenario caption including verbal command instructions from both the instructor and trainee.

Does the software work offline? 

Initially it needs to be online to activate the license.  After the license has been activated RS will be able to run fully offline.

Can I transfer scenario from 1 PC to another PC? 

Yes, scenarios are small files that can easily be copied or emailed from one system to another.

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